How to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Dry Cleaning

To get professional results, you must hire a professional carpet cleaning company. The majority of these companies offer steam cleaning as their primary cleaning method. While the use of steam is a good way to remove stains, the saturation of the carpet and the cushioning under layer can lead to mold and mildew development and requires extensive drying time. Carpet dry cleaning is also effective and offers a number of advantages over the steam cleaning method. When hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, find out if they offer this option.


How to Hire a Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning Company that Uses a VLM System


The equipment used to dry clean carpets is a Very Low Moisture or VLM system. They work in combination with powder or crystal chemicals that dissolve stains in the carpeting. Ask the company about the equipment they use for dry cleaning carpets and, specifically, how the chemicals are applied. The right applicators and brushes make a big difference in the effectiveness of the process.


Ask the Company about Drying Time


One of the biggest advantages to having your carpet dry cleaned instead of steam cleaning is that you don't have to spend days waiting for it to dry. The drying time varies somewhat between systems. Learn upfront how long you will need to avoid walking on your carpet and whether furniture can be immediately placed in its original spot.


Find Out Their Practice for Treating Stains and Heavily Soiled Areas


Some companies provide a service that only includes the application and removal process while others apply the pretreatment needed to remove stubborn stains. Removing stains as they occur will result in a better cleaning result than letting them set in. If pre-treatment is not included in the service, ask their recommendations for preparing the carpeting prior to the carpet dry cleaning service.


How to Hire a Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning Company that Uses Green Cleaners


You want effective chemicals applied to your carpeting to get it as clean as possible. At the same time, you want them to be safe enough to allow your children and pets on the floor without worry. Today's environmentally friendly cleaners are non-toxic and safe for everyone in the family.


Check Out Companies on Local Online Review Sites


Almost every area in the country has access to local review sites where they can learn about other people's experiences when hiring a carpet cleaning company. The key to using the site to advantage is to find those that have received the same type of services that you are considering for your carpet.


These are just some of the points to consider when evaluating companies you are considering. When determining how to hire a professional carpet dry cleaning company that is right for your specific needs, you will also need to ask about details that pertain to your specific situation. 


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