How to Eliminate Carpet Stains

Carpet Stains

One of the most important things you can do to make professional carpet cleaning more effective is to remove any stains that occur along the way. Although you can clean up some spills immediately without affecting the appearance of the rug, others require a special cleaning solution that keeps them from permeating the fibers and becoming deep stains.


Keeping your carpet vacuumed and eliminating carpet stains as they occur will help keep your carpeting looking better between professional cleanings. While a commercial stain remover does not have the power to remove stains as effectively as the products used by professional carpet cleaners, it will help maintain your rug until the next professional cleaning is due. Preventing spills from turning into stains is the best way to keep your carpet looking clean and new between cleanings.

Plain Water

In many cases, wiping up spills with plain water is all that it takes to prevent a stain from occurring. Simply dampen a cloth and wipe the area until the spilled item is gone. This method works best on solids and semi solids that leave some residue behind when removed. Liquids that run down into the carpet and to the cushiony layer below usually take more effort to clean up.

Liquid Spills

When a glass is knocked over, the liquid will run down into the carpet and to the under layer. Colored beverages such as cola, tea or red wine can stain quickly. Get a towel and place over the area, pressing down with your weight to reach the liquid that has found its way below the surface of the carpet. Continue to use this method over the entire area of the spill, using clean towels when necessary. Do not stop until the towel remains dry when you press down.

Sticky Spills

Sticky spills, like those with sugary drinks, can be more difficult to clean up. If a stain is resistant to your efforts, add a little dish soap and water to the area and try to "wash it out." Never add a lot of water to your carpet. If the color from the liquid is remaining on the carpet, a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water may do the trick.

When Your Best Efforts Don't Pay Off

After prevention, no other method of stain removal is as effective as professional carpet cleaning. Professionals have the best equipment, chemical products, and knowhow to address any type of stain. If your attempts at removing a stain from a spill, pet waste, or yellowing have failed, do not wait to call the professionals to have the job handled with the best product, techniques, and expertise.

Consider the Size of the Stain

There is a lot of variation in the types and sizes of stains that occur on carpet. While small, out-of-the-way stains may be of little or no concern, many stains occur in the center of the room where most of the activity takes place. Keep in mind that the cost of having your carpet professionally cleaned will be much less than replacing the carpet because you cannot remove the stain.

Accidents happen no matter what precautions you take. However, an accident does not need to mean unsightly carpet or costly carpet replacement. If the methods above do not remove the stain, contact a professional carpet cleaning company to do it for you. 


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