How Much Do You Know About Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning

A clean carpet is not only important for its appearance, but also for the health of everyone in the household. Depending on the amount of traffic the carpet receives each day, you should clean it every year to year-and-a-half. Although there are a number of ways that you can go about cleaning your carpet yourself, hiring a professional offers a number of advantages. For example, they have the most up-to-date equipment for new techniques, such as carpet dry cleaning, which is better for your rugs.


The Importance of Carpet Upkeep


Keeping your carpet clean will help extend its life and keep it looking vibrant. Regular carpet cleaning also removes trapped dirt and allergens that are unhealthy for your family, particularly the children and pets that may be on the floor. Regular vacuuming will remove the majority of dust, dirt, and other debris that finds its way into your carpets. Whenever something falls on the carpet and leaves a spot or stain behind, spot remover is a useful product to remove it immediately, before it has time to soak into the fibers.


You can remove many spills by wiping them with a cloth dampened with water. For those that require a little more cleaning power, a few drops of dishwashing liquid without bleach added to a cup of warm water will create an effective spot cleaner. When you spill coffee or tea on the carpet, you can mix white vinegar and water in equal parts to remove the stains from the spot.


All About Steam Cleaning


The majority of professional carpet cleaning companies use steam cleaning to remove set-in stains from carpet. The professionals provide steam cleaning with a special machine that applies hot water mixed with a cleaning solution onto the dirty carpet while quickly pulling the dirty water back up.


One of the biggest drawbacks to steam cleaning carpets is that it can leave your rugs damp for days. During the cleaning process, the cushioning layer below the carpet becomes saturated and it can develop mildew along with the carpet fibers. In addition, furniture cannot return to its original place and you cannot walk on the floors until the floor has dried.


Carpet Dry Cleaning


Dry cleaning carpets prevent the problems associated with saturation from occurring. This involves sprinkling granule or powder chemicals onto the carpet that will dissolve the stains before vacuuming.


Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning


Although maintaining your carpet by using spot cleaners for spills and providing regular vacuuming to control dust and dirt is a good way to keep carpets clean, professional cleaning is always a necessary part of the carpet's maintenance. There are also steam cleaners and dry cleaning products that homeowners can rent or purchase to do the job themselves.


While this might seem like the most cost-efficient approach, professionals have access to higher quality cleaners and equipment that will provide better results. They also have experience at using these carpet cleaning strategies and knowhow to apply them effectively to get carpets their cleanest without doing any damage.


When it is time for the yearly cleaning of your carpet, you will want to do your research. Be sure to choose an experienced and professional company with good references and a solid history. 


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