7 Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Service

When your carpet is beginning to look dingy, it is probably due to the buildup of dirt and not from aging. Asking the right questions will help you determine which carpet cleaning service will provide you with the best all-around services.


1. What Cleaning Technologies do You Use?


New technology continues to develop to provide efficient tools for cleaning carpets. For example, carpet dry cleaning cleans carpets with no or very low moisture to get carpets clean without saturating the rugs or the floor beneath them.


2.How Long Have You Been in Business?


Carpeting changes dramatically over time and so do the methods used for cleaning them. A cleaning company that has been in business for a long time has a greater depth of knowledge about the materials used in older carpets as well as modern ones. A long time in the business also indicates that their customers have been happy with their services.


3. Are the Chemicals You Use Safe for My Family and Me?


Due to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly cleaning products, there are many on the market that are effective and also non-toxic. Make sure the products the company uses are safe enough to leave a healthy, clean floor behind that your children or pets can play on without worry.


4. Do You Guarantee Your Services?


No one wants to pay a lot of money to have their floors cleaned only to have them looking the same when the cleaners leave as they did upon arrival. Ask if they guarantee their services as well as exactly what is covered.


5. Do You Offer Free Quotes?


If a company is vague about the final cost before they clean, you could end up stuck with a much larger bill than expected. Free quotes will give you an idea of your overall costs without any major surprises. It will also let you compare prices between different services such as carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning. You should be able to get a good quality cleaning service at an affordable price.


6. Can You Provide Customer Feedback or Testimonials?


Even if you do not know anyone personally that you can get recommendations from, testimonials allow you to benefit from previous customers' experiences. Find out if they were happy with the cleaning services they received as well as the quality of service that the company provided.


7. What do I Need to Do to Prepare My Home before Your Arrival?


All carpet cleaning companies are not the same. Some move all of the furniture for you while others will not touch your floors until everything is out of the way. Ideally, you should remove or completely cover the furniture to protect it from the chemicals used to clean the carpet. Removing furniture whenever it is practical is the best approach to keep the carpet underneath consistent with that on the rest of the floor in case you decide to move the furniture later on.


These 7 questions to ask carpet cleaning services will provide you with a guideline about what to expect from any carpet cleaning service so that you know the right one to hire for your carpets.

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